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TBM software
The challenging business environment of today require executives to make great efforts in nurturing their most important asset – the customer. The success of the companies measured by the ability to strengthen the relationship and customer loyalty and maximize the efficiency and product relationship with each client, whether with it comes to marketing, sales, or customer service.

Systems Total Business Management (TBM) organise all interactions and activities with all types of areas of the organisation from customers, employees, managers, partners, contractors, suppliers, etc. In order to build the profile client, and accordingly adjust a solution (product, perform, report, billing, etc.) for their needs.

The system’s TBM Daronet: BUSINESS +
Business + is a unique software product that combines decades of experience in marketing and sales of advanced technology applied infrastructure based on “cloud”.

This software allows us to offer you a solution that runs full integration between all its components and helps your company to optimize your marketing and your sales, generate new leads, increasing the company’s sales, improve customer satisfaction and average expenditure of the company’s website.

Flexible software allows you to manage a variety of types of entities such as customers, suppliers, employees, partners, affiliates, franchises, etc., each with a set of criteria and definitions – unique to them.  SOA-based software, built NET4.0 technology. This is a business management software which is the most advanced in Israel.

BUSINESS + solution
BUSINESS + saved in duplication between different systems, unified interface, efficiency and flexibility are maximal. The system modules (eg sub-catalog software) work transversely on all sub-systems and provide web services, configuration services for all sub-systems software. Definitions and work flow processes are carried out through the process management module system level – allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability with endless different business scenarios.

BUSINESS + systems are successfully implemented in many organisations: recruitment and placement companies, retailers, trading companies, construction companies, commercial sites and sharing information and more. BUSINESS + architecture includes simple interfaces and rapid realisation of tens external web services such as maps, clearing, Google, Facebook and more.

BUSINESS + is a combination of modular systems collection integrally connected, reliability, efficiency and cost-based user interface and data

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