Advanced Flex CMS

Advanced flex – A fully developed Content Management System including a tailored customised site structure and graphics, designed specifically to match the client’s user interface and branding.


Advanced flex contains full featured content management system, dynamic content templates interactive poll, news scroll, media library, multilingual capabilities, media banners control, forum, protected pages, form generation & management, calendar presentation. Business marketing modules include: Client registration, Lead collection & management, extended SEO features, SEO self management plus dedicated software development.

Allows clients to customise more complex requirements.
Website building of a Darolite system includes professional and aesthetically pleasing design. The design is always unique, tailor made to the clients needs and corresponds with the corporate identity.
This unique time saving option allows you to adapt your content directly in your website, by doing so you get a live view of your layout, and real time result.
Several substitutes can be created and placed within the substructure of the main system. Each substitute can have separate designs and administrators.
Daronet’s system contains an integrated SEO technology which improves indexing of the content by the search engines, with Google being the principal. This enables higher search results positions for the relevant key words.
All our websites have a built-in mailing system, that allows the user to communicate in a organised way with several contacts, eliminating the need for external tools to organise your mailings. Sending newsletters, editing possibilities to give your mailing a professional look and feel.
Displaying possibility of personalised content based on (sub) category authorisation with user groups. User can define groups, only people belonging to a certain group can see the content.
Images, videos, animations and flash can be up-loaded and organized into categories, pictures can be Organised in presentation galleries.
Automatically generating sub categories in a site map, for direct and easy navigation. The site map offers an important advance for search engine indexing.
Our multi language CMS web-site allows for 3 different languages to be used, the standard languages for our Benelux clients are English-Flemish (Dutch)-French.Further development to add extra languages is always possible.
The user can make a poll with the possibility to answer. Visitors can view statistics of the active or previous polls.
A rotating window with text or images, moving horizontally or vertically. Design to attract the surfer eye in order to post promotion or news.
Multi-level forums can be generated for communication between surfers. The possibility to monitor and block the answers given by surfers.
This module allows the website manager to add, manage and present promotional or internal banners. Several banners can be shown under each web page according to the website manager configuration.
The Daronet Form Wizard, generates all your forms, enhancing your customers interaction experience. Such as contact forms, registration forms, inquiry forms…
Events can be added and updated by the site-manager. Each event is displayed in a calender and list presentation. The events in the list will be automatically ordered on date.
The slide show module allows the user to up-load images and display them in a structured way. The system automatically divides the images over several pages.

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