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Update: Since Facebook has decided to close the famous FBML app that it is based on our unique system, we can no longer order this product. Alternatively, and in accordance with changes on Facebook, Daronet offers a unique content management system (CMS) that allows to control both your website and the Facebook site at the same time! Update once, and content is presented on the site and on Facebook immediately. Daronet systems tailored to customers only.

Daronet is proud to offer our customers a revolutionary product for content on Facebook. From now on, you can view your Facebook friends to your business, products, business services, and so on in the form of a dynamic website designed. Today, the importance of the Facebook social platform rises rapidly to the growing popularity of the Google platform among surfers and users.

At the same time internet marketing processes based mainly on organic SEO and sponsored search engines (especially Google), marketing processes can be applied to important and equally high quality using the social network Facebook.

If you have a website that represents your business image online form, keep in mind that you can view all your valuable business information on Facebook in the form of a website designed.

The obvious advantages are:

1. Broad business exposure, targeted audience & more quality of segmentation

2. Receive real-time feedback on any business service or product you want to expose or push.

3. The perfect platform for gathering leads, face-book beyond the familiar interfaces such as Adwords and the like.

4. Scene Advertising and extra exposure. People can be exposed to your website without leaving Facebook.

5. Creativity and innovation. Technological innovation continues to implement positive light in a particularly dynamic web world.

6. The cost savings and investment paid back. Dynamic Site Facebook means savings in personnel or dependence in external content management.


Daronet offers building dynamic websites designed for Facebook which is a totally unique content management system (CMS) not yet seen in Australia. The system enables:

1. Preparation of content dynamically. Update media files, such as photos, videos, flash files, media files, and more.

2. Full interface unique to collect leads from Facebook alone. You will know who visited your site in your Facebook.

3. A statistical breakdown advanced analytics and research.

4. Application forms Contact custom to collect leads, uploading files, registration and more.

5. Application spectacular photo gallery and various designs of choice

6. Hosting services, storage and technical support.

On site on Facebook already generates a real revolution. Instead of building a fan page designed only static, it is now possible through the unique content management system of Daronet to manage the content in real time, without the use of programmers or an external management company.

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