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Web development

Web Development in direct relation to Google – Daronet carried out many studies by SEO experts, in co-operation with Internet professionals, usability experts (UI) and SEO experts worldwide.

Daronet’s Content Management System (CMS) has been improved, optimised and adapted to Google.

The results, not surprisingly within a short period of time, our customers applaud and have reports to prove, that too without Search Engine Optimisation their sites take priority over the competition’s overall ranking for keywords relevant to them.

The Nova Group, Internet Web Development – under the groups several Internet companies in different fields:

  • Interactive company I & M Online advertising services
  • Darolite system – system created to Yellow Pages, indexes and site-building companies, allows small business website builder volume, quick-time customised design and low cost solution.
  • A mini Sites / Building a small business, MINISITES – Building System Websites
  • Daronet Belgium – European branch DRNXT (www.daronext.be), Web Building caters to thousands of customers, and co-operates successfully with a variety of Web Development / Internet companies in many fields, which provide complementary web services, or are based on website building technology of Daronet: Made up of web masters, web designers, translators, web consultants, content editors, user interface specialists, promoters SEO / PPC

Our in-house system, is built with professional processes that requires considerable expertise and understanding of the technologies on site, international standards, browsers, user interface and business aspects. Developed to help customers, Daronet has perfected a content management system, content management interface which is easy to manage and accessible. The CMS is considered a leader in the world.

The system is installed and running successfully in thousands of websites and leading portals. Content management system (CMS) is characterised by flexibility and adjusts easily to websites and portals. The design and structures are unique, image sites, magazine sites, flash sites facade, commercial sites, sales sites, content sites, heavy and news sites of various types.

Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager for his or her point of contact. Immediately after confirming the design with the customer the site layout and concept graphics, will connect a design specialists to the project. The unique design with the software, and control of its content of the site belongs to the customer. System software can view the details of content in various forms – ie display products, display articles and more from a long view of content templates (List, Gallery, Events, Index, photo album, forum, products for sale online and more …).

Daronet employs over 120 professional Web Development / Website Creators and a selection of experts from the digital business world: Web designers, graphic artists, software engineers, web developers, founders of the sites, personnel training, support staff, project managers, personnel Systems Service Department clients, client managers, salespeople, marketing specialists and SEO.

Web Building, Web design, Web development – an expert in many areas: construction of small sites – Minisites, construction sites, company websites, e-commerce sites, sales sites, store sites, B2B e-commerce sites B2C Internet systems, web hosting, website maintenance, entering content, clearing the Web content management, building sales, construction of building content sites, portals, corporate website building, web design building a small business, internet marketing online promotion SEO.

In addition to providing services for construction sites – Web Building to its customers, including promotional services on the internet search engines (online marketing), we provide consulting on the best way to manage your marketing budgets to maximise your full potential no matter how large or small your budget is.

Building a website content management using a tool like Daronet’s, ensures that customers will receive tools using the latest technologies which are the most advanced in the world, a compatible Daronet content: WEB 2.0 WEB 2 W3C RSS Google SEO Firefox Search Walla, Live Alexa.

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