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Daronet’s CMS and website building methodology were developed based on our understanding and knowledge of the web business environment.

A modern website is an extension of the organisations marketing tools and if built right – will improve the entire business performance. In order to control the data, business/marketing information that is communicated (documents, pictures, videos, copy etc..) and collated (prospected clients details, business leads etc..) via the website, a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) is a must!

As 80% of the internet traffic generated through search engines such as Google and Yahoo – the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web marketing capabilities of the CMS system are crucial for successful web business activity.

Daronet’s CMS system is technologically adapted to enable you to manage your website in a user-friendly manner while maximising your website indexing by the search engine. This approach differentiates Daronet products from other web site building and web design companies with the products main focus being commercial success. We’ve invested a great deal of thought and effort into creating user friendly tools that allow you to update and control your website in a “Microsoft Office” style interface, without knowledge of HTML or any other programming language. So no matter what experience you have, we’ve got a CMS system that’s right for you.

View the short description of our award winning CMS options:


Darolite is a ’light’, cost efficient, Content Management System designed for quick intuitive use. Used as the website building infrastructure for basic “lead capture” websites, Darolite requires minimum training and no web knowledge for achieving high quality web presence quickly at a low cost.

Using a unique drag and drop feature, Darolite enables users to easily manage and update content (both images and text) after only a few minutes of training. You can get a Darolite site up and running in next to no time!

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Expert Flex is, as the name suggests, a fully flexible, customisable CMS designed specifically to suite the client’s user interface and branding. Expert Flex should be the preference for those in need of a little more customisation and less restrictions when it comes to web deign.

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Expert Start is the advanced, bigger brother of Darolite. Built for those with a bit more web design experience, this CMS allows users to use more advanced features such as integrated SEO, dynamic content templates and forms generator.

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Advanced Flex offers all the functions offered with Basic Flex and more. Users should go with Advanced Flex if they require extensive customisation and more complex features. Find out more about Advanced Flex by following the link.

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