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Effi Shwintarsky, CEO of The Nova Group (Daronet Australia).

“It is not easy to find information available online about the market and competitors, but there is a fascinating knowledge for almost any organisation about its own customers, provided he knows how to extract it, and how to run them.

Often wrong business managers think that the only purpose of building a business is to serve as a virtual business card used by the customer to see, to admire and to get in touch.

For now, building a business can be a great source for creating customer communications channel, deeper levels, through the organization’s website can learn directly from customers about their preferences, their problems and the changes they undergo. This information can be valuable for any company living in a competitive world and need every strategic advantage among its competitors. “

The creation of such a communication channel is needed in two main tools were supposed to be in any modern Web site:

1. Flexible content management system for creating high-quality content independently without the intervention of professionals.

2. The system of registration, marketing and customer relationship management – based email.

What makes an online business smart?

“Beyond being the image site for a company, a business needs to attract the customers, and the only way to do this is to place content and services that customers can use. For example, Contact Form Support Company, guides expanded use product, articles, news, and even attractive offers acquisition of complementary products.



  • Working with Daronet Australia proved to be a big success for our brand, we met a professional and efficient service and we are enjoying the CMS system and a high rankings on google search engine.

    Mark Flieszig
  • Friendship Circle would like to thank Daronet Australia for their constant professional and reliable assistance with our website. The initial set-up of our website was simple and undemanding which therefore makes the updating effortless.

    Taiba Ash
  • Thank you to the crew at Daronet Australia for producing a product that well exceeded my expectations! You are a great team to work with, patient, honest and reliable. I am thrilled that my website has been generating sales from day one!

    Ankit Jain

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