SEO Services

At Daronet we offer full solutions for SEO

SEO Services

Daronet are experts in search engine optimisation (SEO), and have had proven experience in ranking sites at the top of lists on major search engines at the fraction of the costs of other web companies.

Why pay over-the-odds for a premium service that we can offer at a mere fraction of the cost other companies will demand. Daronet know that a large portion of your website’s hits come from people who have been re-directed from major search engines, such as Google – it’s unlikely someone will even use a search engine if they know already know the URL they’re looking for. That’s where we come in, it’s our job, our goal and our pride in ensuring that you rank as high as possible when it comes to search engine results pages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In short, about getting the most out of search engines – specifically results pages. When we’re talking about SEO and it’s marketing potential, we’re referring to how well a company/business’ website matches up against its competition where search engines are concerned. A website with a heavy focus on SEO will rank higher on results pages than websites that pay little or no attention to the system. SEO is a form of what we call “organic” searching, whereby the results are general websites that haven’t paid for their results page ranking.

How does SEO work?

It’s a relatively simple concept – but with complex rules and regulations. Search engines, such as Google, filter through millions and millions of websites every time a search is conducted by a user, before it reveals what it believes to be the most suited matches. Using the keywords entered into the search bar by the user, Google attempts to locate articles that use those specific keywords a suitable number of times – not necessarily how often they’re used. Google uses a number of complex algorithms (over 200) to decipher how relevant a page is to the search engine user, so although a lot of attention is paid to keywords, other attributes do come into play – for example, algorithms are in place to work out how probable it is that a site would be randomly stumbled upon by web surfers.


When search engines first began, their targeted information was pretty vague and keywords played an even bigger role than they do now. Originally, the number of keywords that appeared in a website’s content, URL and related links would rank that website high amongst search engine users. Google revolutionised search engine systematics and introduced all of those complex algorithms that are common practice in today’s search engines. As such, webmasters, content writers and general search engine optimisers have had to adapt to these changes in order to get the most out of SEO. Search engine optimisers use various methods to reach and maintain a higher ranking on results pages, this includes: writing relevant content to keywords and phrases used by search engine users, updating content regularly to keep the website alive and finally, most importantly, sticking to the rules and regulations that Google have implemented over the years. By abiding to these rules and increasing the weight of your content when compared to competitors, your website will sit snugly near the top of relevant results pages.

Daronet’s System;

Daronet’s in-house CMS system will help you rank higher organically on the search engines. Our system offers you an integrated feature which greatly improves the indexing of content by search engines; thus increasing your website ranking, which in turn means more traffic, which… well, you know the rest!

Here at Daronet we have experts in the SEO field who will work relentlessly in researching your industry to learn the competition. From there they’ll construct a creative analysis based on their findings that pinpoints what keywords are most profitable for your website. Be prepare for some surprises as well, our research team have often discovered keywords you’d never imagine would be relative to you and your industry!

Ultimately, our goal is to raise your websites SEO and generate a far greater influx of visitors, from there you can generate more leads and enquiries – creating a higher percentage of sales/bookings, from there it’s plain sailing!

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