E-commerce System

E-commerce System

What is Pro-Commerce

Pro-Commerce is the world’s most advanced system for managing electronic stores combines the stability and years of experience in the technology Miixoft, with extensive developer community from around the globe that expand and develop it. It is an open source (Open Source) technology built Microsoft ASP.Net 4.5 using MVC model, the most innovative model that allows rapid construction and change of web sites, including e-commerce sites.

The system is used for the establishment of e-commerce sites at all levels, starting from a catalog or a virtual store individual for retail single to complete management of virtual mall or network virtual stores under several different domains, each shop includes interface independent management and unique design, and an Admin one that allows opening more stores and management, and performance statistics viewing the websites and other more advanced functions that combine advantages of various other systems and empowers them, such as:

  • Customer Club
  • Advanced search engine site content and its famous products.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Support the use of various types of currency around the world.
  • Interface for creating and promoting products Newsletter Site by email, this is a great way to keep in touch with customers who have purchased products on or interested in the product in the past, and keep them coming back and buy more products.
  • Campaign management and advertising campaigns.
  • RSS, repeat customers can be subscribed to the service bulletins and stay informed about special new products or discounts on a product in demand.
  • Management affiliate program that allows to optimize the site’s advertising mechanism based on success in front of various media.
  • Interface for managing online coupons and off-line, the system reconciles create coupons or coupons to the famous network system, circulating a flyer or newspaper, and allow the customer a special discount by entering coupon code site of which discounts the system permanent or for a limited time.
  • Convenient system for the treatment of credits and refunds (if necessary).
  • Chat call management interface or a virtual sales representative site
  • Management reviews and ratings of different products, the system allows the customer to review and compare similar products and choose the right product for on the basis of recommendations and tips from users who have purchased the product buyers.
  • Delivery methods and management interface package tracking.
  • Adding blogs and forums that allows the user relevant content feed that promotes the website in various search engines.
  • Secure system to prevent loopholes through which you can change the site content or steal credit numbers.
  • Interfacing with existing systems in the company. Hmtmmskim modules can be developed with ERP and CRM systems exist in society, thus saving additional costs due to a change in these systems and training employees using the new system.

Pro-Commerce is a very stable, easy to manage system. The system can be built with a store or a catalog from scratch, add an update of products physically or virtually, and sell and manage subscriptions. The system is built with technology that allows the site to evolve with the changing needs of the customer over the years, with ease and comfort thanks to the vast repository of components (Plug-ins developed non-stop every year by the extensive community of talented developers around the world, they are also Daronet home developers.)

Call today and ordered a free demo of the system, and personal advice to adapt the system to your company’s needs today and in the future. Click the button below to leave us your details or simply call us on Free call 1300 926 895.


  • Working with Daronet Australia proved to be a big success for our brand, we met a professional and efficient service and we are enjoying the CMS system and a high rankings on google search engine.

    Mark Flieszig
  • Friendship Circle would like to thank Daronet Australia for their constant professional and reliable assistance with our website. The initial set-up of our website was simple and undemanding which therefore makes the updating effortless.

    Taiba Ash
  • Thank you to the crew at Daronet Australia for producing a product that well exceeded my expectations! You are a great team to work with, patient, honest and reliable. I am thrilled that my website has been generating sales from day one!

    Ankit Jain

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